The Potcast Featuring Ophelia Chong


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"The Potcast Episode 6 Featuring Ophelia Chong" Show Notes:

  • Today's flower was provided by California Caregivers Alliance. Thank you, CCA!
  • Ophelia Chong, April Flores, and Milcah Halili smoke Hula Budda by Flow Kana mixed with Durban Poison by Northern Emeralds.
  • Chong founded to destigmatize and normalize medical cannabis patients. Stock Pot Images is the largest archive of marijuana images and is partnered with Adobe.
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  • Ophelia learned so much about cannabis by reading books and researching online.
  • Ophelia schools Fat Flower on yeast in cannabis. Milcah schools Ophelia on ecosexuality.
  • Our guest talks shop regarding the new regulations for cannabis businesses in California, including new packaging and testing laws.
  • Fill in the blank: _ _ _ toilet paper. As Shannon Barber says, "Everyone deserves a happy butthole."
  • April and Milcah hash out the connection between cannabis and pleasure.