Labradorite Aeon Cannabis Flagship Pipe

by April Flores

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The first time I encountered crystals were at a neighbor’s house. My eyes were drawn to the glittery orbs as I walked into her darkly lit living room. They were round rocks that were split in half. Each contained different colored shimmering formations. She displayed them everywhere. The round rocks were on the tv, coffee table, and shelves. As I got a closer look, I was entranced by how intricate and unique each one was. Each one contained its own magical universe with sharp shimmering mountains and valleys. I tried hard to catch a glimpse of the lucky organisms who got to inhabit that world.

Years later, I would visit crystal vendors at farmers markets when I visited the Fisherman's Wharf with my family. The crystals were polished and accompanied by name cards. The name cards identified and described the unique characteristics and benefits each one held. I became drawn to crystals in a spiritual sense. I had already fallen under the spell of their visual beauty.

I was especially drawn to the rose quartz. With its cloudy cotton candy pink swirls, I understood how this crystal was all about love. I was 12 years old and super dreamy. I bought a heart shaped rose quartz crystal with the souvenir money my parents gave me.  wished on my rose quartz crystal that my 6th grade crush would like me the same way I liked him.

Since then, I've always had crystals around. I believe in the power and magic they hold. When I saw Aeon's semi-precious stone pipe, my first thought was, "What a great combination!"

This is a stone and pipe. You can heal yourself internally with cannabis. Then, you can use the crystal to heal as well.

Aeon offers this pipe in snow quartz, obsidian and labradorite. Milcah and I chose labradorite because it is helpful during change, elevates consciousness, enhances intuition and promotes psychic abilities. We thought these were qualities we would benefit from.

Because these pipes are handmade, each has its own unique shape and color. This pipe is a piece of art! I couldn't wait to see what our pipe looked like.

When it arrived, I was immediately taken by the sleek shape. Our pipe's colors are smokey black, cobalt blue, and pale green. Iridescent gold flecks are woven throughout the stone.

I like looking at the pipe under different sources of light because it always looks different. This pipe is a great conversational piece. It's so pretty displayed next to our other crystals in our living room.

Since the labradorite has been in our possession, I have incorporated it into smoking rituals with my partner, Milcah. We use the pipe to smoke cannabis while we connect on deeper levels.

It has been in these times that I have found clarity in a few situations I was uncertain about. I've been able to make big decisions while honoring my intuition. I have also become more focused.

I'm so focused that I have started to enjoy cleaning and organizing! This blows my mind because I am a messy person. I've never found joy in housekeeping.

Also, I am more calm. I have faith in the universe and myself. I know that the labradorite pipe is a factor in this change. I love this pipe and am excited to see how the labradorite will continue to benefit me in positive ways.

And if you’re curious, my 6th grade crush never liked me the way I liked him. But I have been blessed enough to have had some really great loves in this life so far. My dreamy 12-year-old self would be quite pleased. We both attribute a part of this fortune to that heart shaped rose quartz and my longing intentions to find true love.