Potcast Episode 3 Part 2: 3 Ways Cannabis Brings You Closer to Your Partner

Disclaimer: First, this episode won't make much sense unless you listen to Part 1. Second, this is Fat Flower's first post to open up comments! Please read the question at the end of this post, and give us your best answer. Thanks for participating. You're what makes Fat Flower great.

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Fat Flower Potcast Episode 3 Part 2: 3 Ways Cannabis Brings You Closer to Your Partner Show Notes:

  • Today's track is brought to you by Imagist Josh Immanuel, featuring Huilesainte.
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  • The subject of this episode was inspired by Milcah's article on Potent Media, 3 Ways Cannabis Brings You Closer to Your Partner.
  • Milcah talks about how cannabis helps them relax enough to allow themselves their creativity. Cannabis acts as a catalyst for anti-toxic-capitalism and self-care.
  • As exemplified by April's imaginative thoughts, Cannabis can indeed help cultivate creative thoughts.
  • Milcah suggests that we liberate high thoughts and destigmatize the high thought. They suggest telling people who look down on creative high thoughts that they are "elevated thoughts." "Elevated thoughts" are thoughts one acquires once one transcends the negative voice in one's head that says creative thoughts are worthless due to toxic-capitalistic standards.

What's your most creative high thought? We truly want to know. Please post your answer in the comments section below. Stay woke, stay high, smoke that clean green, homies.