5 Facts You Didn't Know About April Flores

by April Flores

When Milcah told me his idea for us to share five facts about ourselves, I said “Ok, easy! Fact 1. I don't like donuts. Fact 2. My favorite colors are blush and bashful (pink and pink). Fact 3. My astrological sign is Taurus.”

Milcah shot me a smirk and a side eye and urged me to “go deeper."

The truth is I am a very private person. Because my work in adult film has exposed me in a truly raw and vulnerable physical state, I have kept most of my inner self very guarded. But in this post, I will try to be more open.

Going deeper . . .

1. I Don't Like Donuts

It never fails. I see that beautiful pink cardboard box of freshly made donuts and have an inner dialogue with myself debating whether I should try one or not. I open the box and all the perfectly iced, brightly colored fried mounds of dough stare lovingly back at me. I choose the cutest one with the most sprinkles and take a bite. Then it happens. My taste buds affirm that, no . . . I do not enjoy a donut.

2. I Don’t Have a Middle Name

I always felt a little cheated growing up without a middle name. Both my sister and I don’t have them. The reason my Mom always gave us was that our first names were so pretty. We didn’t need any other name.

Earlier this year, however, the truth came out. Mom declared that it was hard enough for her to choose one name. She didn’t want to have to pick a middle one.

When I was younger I used to pretend my middle name was April, because that is my birth month. When the time came for me to choose a stage name, April came easily.

3. I Don’t Refer to Myself as a “Porn Star”

I have been in the Adult Industry for 12 years, and I still cringe whenever I think of calling myself a porn star. Very early in my career, I admitted this to Christy Canyon on her radio show, to which she replied, “Have you sucked dick on film? Then yes, you are a porn star!”

I laughed and felt reassured that such a legend had validated the fact that I had earned the title. Despite that, referring to myself as a porn star has always felt cheesy and not right. I use the term “performer.”

4. I am Half Ecuadorian But I'm More Connected to My Mexican Heritage

Growing up in Southern California, I have had the luxury of being surrounded by my Mexican culture on a daily basis. LA doesn’t have a huge Ecuadorian community (that I know of) and my Father would only occasionally talk about Ecuador.

He was abandoned as a baby and the family he ended up with treated him horribly. Because of this, he had lots of sadness associated with Ecuador and the longing for a family who loved and treated him the way he deserved. He would always promise, “Next summer, we are going to Ecuador so I can show you where I came from!”

Sadly, that trip never happened. It is one of my goals to visit Ecuador in my lifetime.

5. I Have Used Sex as a Coping Mechanism

I am a widow. I lost my husband almost 4 years ago. Learning to live with my grief has been one of the most challenging things I have done in my life. Now that I’ve had time with my grief I have learned that grief is its own entity inside me that comes and goes, shifts and alters on its own, independently from me.

Sex became a way for me to distract myself, detach from my sadness, and give my mind a break. I could feel physical pleasure and alive again, even if it was momentary with a stranger. Honestly, this short lived connection was all I could handle.

Both sex and death are taboo topics in our society. There is shame around being sexual while you are grieving. I think that many other people have used sex to help with death and loss, but we aren’t talking about it.

Please leave a comment with a fact, or five if you feel so inclined, about yourselves below.