Podcast Episode 3 Part 1: 3 Ways Cannabis Brings You Closer to Your Partner

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Fat Flower Potcast Episode 3 Part 1: 3 Ways Cannabis Brings You Closer to Your Partner Show Notes:

  • Today's track is brought to you by Imagist Josh Immanuel, featuring Huilesainte.
  • This show is brought to you by Kushfly. Kushfly is our favorite online delivery service here in Los Angeles. If you use our promocode FATFLOWER, then you will get 10% off your first order and you'll be supporting the Potcast. Thanks, homies.
  • The subject of this episode was inspired by Milcah's article on Potent Media, 3 Ways Cannabis Brings You Closer to Your Partner.
  • April Flores and Milcah Halili smoke Blue Mango, which is a mix of Super Blue Dream and Mango Tango.
  • Milcah talks about what inspired them to write their Potent article.
  • April talks about how cannabis helps strengthen April's and Milcah's mental health.
  • Cannabis can help with lack of appetite and can prevent fights.
  • April declares that she will write a review on Movida Oils, which she picked up from the Southern California Cannabis Business Investment Group.
  • Cannabis helps fight grief and trauma.
  • April and Milcah hash out the connection between cannabis and pleasure.

Stay woke, stay high, smoke that clean green, homies.

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