5 Facts You Didn't Know About Milcah Halili

by Milcah Halili

Hey, homies. It's your co-founder of Fat Flower, Milcah, here. I wanted to take the time today to drop some knowledge on who I am and what I'm all about. Normally, you'll find me kicking it on the blog with a lot to say about cannabis.

But I've been thinking about what makes Fat Flower special lately, and it's not just that we only cover clean-green cannabis. What makes Fat Flower special is it's founded by two people who are in love, two people in a queer and sex-positive romantic partnership who use cannabis to improve their quality of life.

Before my other half shares her five facts, here's five things you didn't know about me:

1. My Name "Milcah Halili" Means "Queen Beloved"

No, my mom didn't do that intentionally. In fact, she just stuck an "l" in between the "i" and "c" of the name "Micah." I would have been Micah had I been assigned male at birth. This fact is funny, because I'm trans. I identify as a femme boy, or male. I won't change my name when I go through my medical gender transition, because I'll always be a queen no matter what my gender is.

2. I'm Nonbinary-Trans and I Want to Be a Pregnant Dad

Let me repeat this in case you missed it in my last fact: not only am I "female-to-male" trans, I don't believe in a binary gender. I believe that gender is on a spectrum, and I'm more comfortable on the masculine-feminine part of the gender scale.

If being male is a 0 on a 0 - 10 scale and being female is a 10, then I can comfortably say that I'm a 3 - 5 on the gender scale. My gender changes daily. One day I want to be what I call a "seahorse daddy." I want to be a dad with a baby bump, carrying April's baby.

3. Before Moving to Los Angeles I Lived in Portland and Brooklyn

Y'all know I'm a Bay Area native. Before I left the Bay after 25 years of living all over the San Francisco Greater Bay Area, I moved to Portland, Oregon. I loved Portland for its amazing public transportation, clean air, fresh farm-to-table foods, bookstores, luxurious spas, cute residential architecture, and their bomb as fuck cannabis. What I didn't enjoy was their racism thinly veiled as "progressiveness," how overcast and wet it was throughout the year and their general lack of people of color.

What Portland lacked in POC, Brooklyn, New York truly made up for. I loved the sense of solidarity people of color in Brooklyn had. I was living in a neighborhood mostly occupied by black and brown folk, and it was a blessing to feel so much at home. I had the best, most woke roommates ever, and they spoiled me for life. I can never have roommates again, except for April. The brunch scene, night life, and the queer community were great. The weed was not. Also, my ancestors were not built for snowstorms, and I sure as hell am not fit for it.

Which brings me to LA. I moved to LA because I missed the west coast, the weather, and the weed. LA has the best of both worlds. It has a very diverse community, some of the best cannabis I can get my sticky hands on, and the warmest and mildest weather ever. The heat can get oppressive though. I'm used to the chiller nights in the Bay and being closer to the ocean. There's nothing like smelling salty water in the air. It's a good thing the Bay is only a one hour flight from LA.

4. Porn Was My Bread and Butter for 4 Years

Fat Flower wouldn't be the blog it is today if I wasn't an adult performer for four years. Being an adult performer taught me how to advocate for myself. I was my own agent, independent, for most of those four years, so I had to learn how to stick up for and promote myself if I wanted to earn a living.

Being an independent contractor in pornography taught me how to take initiative, see opportunities where others saw closed doors, and, most importantly, it taught me how to self-care. If I didn't become an adult model, then I would have never stepped into April's studio for her Sirius XM's Voluptuous Life on Vivid Radio Station. We most likely would have never met, and I wouldn't be as happy and lifted as I am now.

5. Frenchies and Pugs are My Favorite Dogs

There's two thing Pugs and Frenchies have in common. 1. They are all cute af. Some would argue that they are so ugly that they are cute. 2. Frenchies are a mixed-breed of a Pug and an English Bulldog. Both have Pug ancestry in their bloodline.

I've been a dog walker on and off for the past couple of years, and I've had the privilege and pleasure of walking both Pugs and Frenchies. I want my own companion dog one day. Unfortunately, my current long work hours prevent me from properly raising a pup of my own. What's a life without goals?

I hope you enjoyed these five facts about me. Now I'm curious about y'all. Please leave a comment with a fact, or five if you feel so inclined, about yourselves below.

Stay woke, stay high, homies.