Potent Media: Orgasm Harder with Cannabis-Infused Oils

by Milcah Halili

As a soon-to-be-retired adult performer, I owe a lot of my pleasurable life to my professional sexual adventures. It's safe to say I've had more than my fair share of wild days and nights and the privilege to do so in a safe, controlled, and impeccably clean environment. I'm thankful to have led a blessed sensual life thus far. One of the perks of this blessed life is that I've tried more types of lube than the folks who shop at drug stores and grocery stores for their KY Jelly fix.

I hate KY Jelly. Its consistency and its gross taste are a boner killer. I prefer lubrication that is slick and smells and tastes good. If a lube tastes good, then I don't have to say goodbye to oral once the lubrication is applied. That being said, I offer you, fellow stoner, two alternatives for lubricants that feel wonderful, smell amazing, taste great and get you high too.

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