Edibles Magazine: Next Level Medicinals: Organic Sensual Massage Oil & Edible Lubricant

by April Flores and Milcah Halili; photo courtesy of Next Level Medicinals

Using only three ingredients, raw organic virgin coconut oil, raw cacao butter, and cannabis, this massage oil and edible lubricant by Next Level Medicinals is super pure and effective. As a couple who suffers from eczema, we highly appreciate clean ingredients that are gentle on sensitive skin. We also prefer to use products on our skin that we feel safe putting in our mouths, so the purity of this lube is on point. The oil tastes and smells like decadent chocolate, it is a beautiful shade of jade green and slowly melted in the palms of our hands. The next day our skin felt super soft and smelled like candy.

The last thing we want to do while getting sexy is math, so NLM keeps it classy by doing the math for you. Clearly written on the label is the amount of THC in the jar (27mg), the amount of THC per oz. (54mg), and the amount of THC per tsp. (9ml). This lube lasts longer than other water-based organic versions we’ve used, wasn’t sticky and gooey like some silicone lubes, and was quick to absorb into our skin so it did not leave the gross greasy layer other lubes and massage oils can leave behind.

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