Fat Flower is Committed to High Quality Craft Cannabis Content


Yes, we missed yesterday's post. At the launch of our blog, we promised to publish content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4:20 PM PDT. Yesterday, Monday, July 24th, 2017, we missed our post. It was because we were smoking a joint and talking to Jeff Siegel for our Potcast. We had failed to schedule the post beforehand. It's not the end of the world, but we do want to be writers of our word. The least we can do is be accountable for it.

Milcah learned from The Void Academy that the only time one really fails as an artist and entrepreneur is if one fails to communicate. Fat Flower believes in delivering high-quality, entertaining, and educational cannabis content consistently. Amazing things are happening in the cannabis industry in terms of technology, culture, and legislation. The time is now to read up on the many benefits of medicinal cannabis.

If we're learning, then we might as well have fun doing it. There are plenty of places to find educational content on medicinal marijuana. Here at Fat Flower, we strive to do so in style. If we spend more time working than sharing time with our family and friends, then we may as well really love the work we're doing. Fat Flower is a labor of love, and we look fly as fuck doing it.

Yes, we messed up by missing a post yesterday. We're sorry, and we commit to posting on time and letting y'all know that we'll own and make up for it went we can't. It's important that we are accountable about it. This is an important time for cannabis. This is our chance to have a say in how our beloved plant will be regulated. Patients and consumers alike need cannabis. Unless we create a culture that sustains the cultivation of high-grade herb we will be stuck in the war on drugs.

Fuck the drug war. The war on drugs is built on racism, political corruption, and a whole lot of ignorance. Well, it's 2017, fact checking is real, and people are waking up. Fat Flower is here, and we're dedicated to keeping you informed, beloved readers. Thanks for all your support.