Podcast Episode 2: Top 5 Favorite Strains

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Fat Flower Potcast Episode 2: Top 5 Favorite Strains Show Notes:

  • April Flores and Milcah Halili announce the top 5 favorite strains submitted by Renée B., Larissa G., and Ashley Manta.
  • Milcah talks about rolling a joint with the least amount of paper and the characteristics of a well-rolled j.
  • April wonders why everyone loves OG strains.
You got that ADHD, those migraines, and that stress? You better be smoking that OG Kush. Get loud or stay quiet with that OG Kush.
—Milcah Halili
  • Milcah and April reflect on overdosing and being too high.
  • April and Milcah name their own cannabis strains based on their individual personalities.
  • Milcah and April working on manifesting Ashley Manta of Cannasexual.com as their future Potcast guest by saying Ashley is their future guest even though they've yet to invite her on the show. They show their West Coast colors.
  • Shout out to Jhené Aiko for creating the Blue Dream song.

Remember, friends. Stay woke, stay high, smoke that clean green, homies.

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