Why is Organic Cannabis Rising in Demand?

by Milcah Halili

The cannabis industry is booming at such a great speed because cannabis business owners are smart. They are implementing innovative technology to create strong businesses that will stand the test of time. One of these innovations come in the form of Clean Green Certified, a business focused on responsible agriculture.

CGC requires on-site yearly inspections and third-party lab testing and is the equivalent to USDA organic certification. Cannabis cannot technically be labeled "organic" because the term is federally regulated, and cannabis is still federally illegal despite state legalization. But thanks to CGC, patients can rest assured that their cannabis is actually free of pesticides and mold.

This technology is paramount in the maturation of the canna industry. Patients and consumers are becoming more aware of the health costs of consuming genetically modified foods and medicines. In fact, they are starting to realize that smoking cannabis is worse than eating food. As Jeff Siegel stated in High Times:

I have to admit, I always find it a bit disturbing when I see so many folks singing the praises of healthy, organic food but then go off and smoke weed that’s loaded with all kinds of chemicals. They won’t eat a conventionally grown cantaloupe, but they’ll smoke weed that could possibly contain pesticide residues at levels 1,600 times the legal digestible amount.
The Evolution of an Industry: Cannabis Companies You Should Know, PT. 2

The reason why it's so alarming is that when one eats a cantaloupe that cantaloupe goes through one's digestive system where toxins get removed. When one smokes, all the toxins present in the flower one is smoking goes straight to one's bloodstream. Smoking GMO medical cannabis is highly problematic.

As both a consumer and patient, I don't see how I can smoke genetically modified cannabis and still call what I'm smoking medicine. If medicine's purpose is to heal ailments, then smoking pesticides isn't productive. I might as well be shooting up a syringe full of pesticides into my arm. That's the image that conjures in my head when I think about smoking non-clean-green-certified "medicinal" marijuana.

Another perk of clean-green cannabis is that just because it's organic doesn't necessarily mean it's more expensive.

Unlike organic groceries, pesticide-free pot doesn’t necessarily cost more. Since most of today’s so-called organic marijuana is grown outdoors, it can actually be cheaper than weed grown in warehouses and basements.

The Bay Area’s Latest Movement: Organic Marijuana by Alice Truong

Similar to organic food, clean-green cannabis simply tastes better. One can actually taste all the wonderful terpenes that give cannabis its amazing smells and flavors instead of the nasty chemically taste that comes with a genetically modified flower. As Playboy states:

“You can taste the actual plant, you know? Every strain has a distinct taste, a distinct smell,” Jarrells explained. “So, a connoisseur, an enthusiast who loves cannabis and its taste, knows when cannabis is grown organically, because he can taste the actual plant.
A Complete Guide To Organic Cannabis by Javier Hasse

If the health benefits and better taste aren't enough to entice one to come over to the clean-green-side of the cannabis market, then maybe the craft experience will. I am a connoisseur who appreciates every aspect of my cannabis product, from seed cultivation to the packaging and copy that's used to market the end product. I want my medicine to be so beautiful that I'd proudly leave it displayed in my living room for guests to "oh" and "ah" over. I can also appreciate a good pairing of coffee and cannabis.

Think of the progress coffee, wine, and microbrews has made in the craft experience. Cannabis is catching up to craft culture as well. Craft edibles like Défoncé and Satori have teamed up with TCHO, one of the best chocolatiers, to create a decadent cacao and cannabis experience.

Aside from the rich tastes and gorgeous packaging of boutique cannabis, there are the benefits that come from hand-trimmed cannabis versus machine-trimmed cannabis. Yes, trimming cannabis with machines is more cost effective for the companies cultivating the flower, but that cost effectiveness comes at a cost:

To the average cannabis consumer, the difference between hand-trimmed cannabis flowers and machine-trimmed might not mean much, but an experienced connoisseur may recognize that buds trimmed by machine lose potency, flavor, and trichomes.
The Rise of Craft Cannabis: Signs of a Maturing Industry by Lisa Rough

As the average cannabis consumers mature into cannabis connoisseurs, fewer consumers and patients are swayed by the temptation of donating to dispensaries for the "most loud" or the "most fire" of all buds. They aren't looking for sensational marketing gimmicks. What the maturing cannabis patient wants is the most healthy, honorably-cultivated, and aesthetically pleasing medicine they can acquire from companies they trust. The cannabis industry will continue to innovate in order to meet the rising demand for craft cannabis.