Potent Media: How to Become a Cannabis Blogger in 5 Steps

by Milcah Halili

Creating a cannabis blog can have many benefits to your cannabis career or hobby. Being the founder of a high-quality medical marijuana platform can establish you as an authority in your field. It can help you land your next gig in the booming medical cannabis industry. A cannabis blog can connect you with other cannabis enthusiasts and put you in touch with a supportive community. Also, if you're a stoner who loves to write, then blogging about cannabis can be a great incentive to do what you love and learn more about the many healing characteristics of this magical plant.

I'm writing all of this from personal experience. Because I co-created FatFlower.Media with my partner in love and business, April Flores, I've had so many doors open for me. It helped me land a freelance gig at Downtown Weekly for their cannabis section. The blog also put me in touch with a successful broker in the industry who wants to create an event for cannabis entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, our own spin on the sesh-scene-events that go on in Southern California. My blog looks really good on a resume too.

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