Podcast Episode 1: Meet the Potcast's Hosts

Hey, friends. Thanks for tuning in. The Fat Flower Potcast is available now on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Fat Flower Potcast Episode 1: Meet the Potcast's Hosts Show Notes:

  • April Flores and Milcah Halili introduce themselves, and the cannabis they are smoking.
  • Milcah discusses how most cannabis strains are hybrids and how dispensaries use color coding to differentiate strains.
  • April fact checks Milcah by referencing Leafly.
  • April talks about how she's started using cannabis medically in supplement with recreational use.
  • Milcah reflects on how April's weed game was once not as strong as it is now.
  • Indica-dominant strains are Milcah's favorite, and sativa-dominant strains are April's favorite. They discuss why.
  • Our hosts reminisce on the first time they get high together.

Stay woke, stay high, smoke that clean green, homies.

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