Kin Slips

by Milcah Halili

Kin Slips are the Listerine strips of cannabis sublinguals. There are three main differences between the Listerine strip and the Kin slip. The first difference is Listerine strips are full of unnaturally processed ingredients and Kin Slips are made with organic ingredients. The second difference is the way one takes a Listerine strip is not the way one takes a Kin slip. Listerine strips and ingested over the tongue, and Kin Slips are taken under the tongue. The third and most obvious difference is that Listerine strips don't medicate you and Kin Slips do. This makes Kin Slips the natural winner for cannabis patients and consumers who want to freshen their breath and get high.

Kin Slips Instructions

Sublinguals' healing effects come on faster than edibles making it the better choice if I need to medicate right away and am in a location where I cannot readily smoke. When placing a Kin slip under my tongue I refrain from talking so that the slip can dissolve fully under my tongue. Otherwise, the sublingual will slip out from under my tongue as I speak and swish around my mouth like slippery algae.

I suffer from panic attacks. When I find myself in a public place and can suddenly feel the onset of a panic attack, I can place a Kin Slip underneath my tongue and be assured that the healing effects of my medication will come on within 15 minutes.

This fast and discreet method of consuming cannabis is amazing for someone who in the past only had the option of smoking when their anxiety was out of control. I had limited options before. On days I was feeling particularly anxious and paranoid, I could either risk going out to a place where I couldn't smoke and have to deal with my anxiety without the help of cannabis, or I could just stay home and soothe my panic with the aid of a joint. Another risky option was taking an edible an hour before I might be able to predict that my anxiety would skyrocket, but this option is not reliable since I might overdose.

Kin Slips Packets

Mind you, this was before edibles could be scientifically engineered to have the same dose per serving, so I might have overdosed on accident no matter how precise I tried to be. And when I'm that anxious I don't want to have to start slow and wait every 30 minutes to an hour to feel the effects of my medicine. As you can see, the options I had to manage my anxiety with cannabis in public weren't ideal. Thank cannabis technology and Kin Slips for solving this problem for me.

Kin Slips come in three different flavor and strain profiles, Cloud Buster, Nice Dream, and Park Life. Cloud Buster is made with sativa strains and comes in a tarragon and citrus flavor. Park Life is made with CBD strains and comes in a mango and turmeric flavor. Nice Dream is made with indica strains and comes in a basil and watermelon flavor.

Kin Slips Cloud Buster

The sublinguals come in 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg doses, perfect for the entry level cannabis imbiber. As a seasoned patient and consumer, Kin Slips are perfect for microdosing. I can feel the subtle effects of cannabis without it interfering with my cognitive abilities. It's such a game changer to be able to keep my sharp wits while also feeling more calm or euphoric with the help of this medication.

Patients with low tolerances & consumers new to cannabis will also appreciate that Kin Slips come in low doses. They are easy to cut in half without the use of scissors as well if even just 5 mg is too high for a new patient. Just fold the Kin Slip in half and tear along the crease and you easily have a 2.5 mg, 5 mg, or 10 mg dose instead.

Another crucial characteristic of Kin Slips that I've mentioned before but want to reiterate is that Kin Slips are super discreet. The slips are unrecognizable to noncannabis users. They don't smell like cannabis and the packaging doesn't boast cannabis leaf images. Kin Slips are perfect for medicating around family members who frown upon cannabis use and for keeping your medication incognito at work.

Note: Personal tolerance, the unique body chemistry of each patient, & environmental and situational circumstances (i.e. a hot sweaty day versus a cold rainy day or empty stomach versus full stomach) effects the time the healing qualities of the Kin Slips can be felt by the individual. 

For example, it usually takes 10 - 15 minutes for me to feel the Kin Slips working their magic. For my partner, April Flores, it takes an hour for her to feel the effects, but that may also be because she talks before the Kin slip fully dissolves and it escapes from under her tongue. This renders it into an edible instead of the sublingual it was intended to be. So make sure to shut your trap while your Kin slip is under your tongue, and let that medicine work it's magic in no time.