A Novice's Guide to Investing in Legalized Cannabis

by Milcah Halili

Jeff Siegel, the Investment Director of Green Chips Stocks, wrote the beginner's bible to legal cannabis investment. "How to Become a Legal Drug Dealer: A Beginner's Guide to Getting Rich in the Legal Cannabis Market" lit a fire under my butt to jump into the cannabis industry as a blogger. The information Jeff offered in this book was beyond exciting and inspiring. "How to Become a Legal Drug Dealer" is a quick and must read for those serious about investing in the cannabis market.

I trust Jeff because he founded Green Chip Stocks over two decades ago. His company's motto is to "do well by doing good," focusing only on investments that are socially responsible. Green Chip Stocks works exclusively with companies focused on legal cannabis, organic agriculture, and renewable energy. Jeff's values are completely aligned with Fat Flower's values. In fact, his guide made a huge impact on the focus of our blog.

Before Jeff gives you a list of 46 legal cannabis companies you can invest in right now, Jeff delivers a short history of North American cannabis. This mini history lesson is effective in that it made me super enthusiastic for the innovation that is happening in cannabis technology today. He psyched me up and gave me all the reasons why cannabis is sure to grow exponentially in the near future and why I should invest now.

Organic cannabis, new cannabis testing labs technology, and edibles are three reasons why patients, consumers, entrepreneurs, and investors need to pay attention to the medical marijuana industry. With the new technology created, producers can get safe, clean, and tested medicine more precisely and quickly into the hands of patients and consumers. Organic cannabis and edibles are on the rise as cannabis users become more conscious about the cannabis they consume and how they can imbibe. As the selections in dispensaries diversify, choosing cannabis becomes more about branding and emotional attachment to the cannabis companies' values.

All these canna tech innovations are good signs that the cannabis industry is a great market to invest your hard earn dollars in. While "How to Become a Legal Drug Dealer" doesn't cover how to acquire stocks and how to pick a financial adviser, it does give you insider information on why you should be excited about the future of cannabis legalization and the impact it will have on the economy. Buy Jeff's book, "How to Become a Legal Drug Dealer: A Beginner's Guide to Getting Rich in the Legal Cannabis Markethere.