Potent Media: 3 Ways Cannabis Connects Your to Your Partner

by Milcah Halili

Your significant other and you have been through a lot. Turn up Solange's "Borderline (An Ode to Self-Care)," and it's not hard to remember why it's so important to have quality relaxing and healing time with your boo. With late capitalism, it can feel impossible to wind down and forget the pressure to keep up with the Jones'. You try to keep up with your many responsibilities and balance home, work, and love life. There's always so much to do and hardly the time to do it.

If buying into the many traps of capitalism isn't your jam, then you may be a social justice warrior with more projects than you actually have time to tackle. You hate capitalism, but you understand the importance of money to survive. The struggle is real for you and the underserved community you advocate and fight for. You've come close to burning out too many times. Either side of the spectrum, you've probably felt overwhelmed by modern life and your relationship has suffered from it.

We been lovers on a mission (all the way)
So let's take an intermission
Borderline (An Ode to Self-Care) by Solange

The cannabis industry understands many modern woes that couples face, and they've cultivated medicine to combat these grievances. Canndescent's Connect flower, Humboldt's Arouse and Passion disposable pens, the Sexxbot strain. These medicines help couples take an intermission from the stresses of their coupled life and encourage them to enjoy their time together. The following are 3 ways that cannabis can help improve and rejuvenate your relationship and take your love to a new level.

  1. Cannabis Strengthens Mental Health

  2. Cannabis Ignites Pleasure

  3. Cannabis Cultivates Creation

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