Kushy Punch Hybrid

by April Flores

We all have a story that goes something like this. Many years ago I had a bad experience with edibles. I had gone to a friend’s birthday party where she had a pan full of pot brownies stashed in the kitchen cabinet. I knew the person who had baked them, and I judgmentally equated her pot brownie making skills with her personality.

It was highly doubtful that she knew how to make them properly. So I foolishly gobbled up two brownies. Bitchy, I know. I regretted that decision the next morning when I awoke feeling dizzy and completely out of it. I thought it was a hang over from all the straight vodka I drank the night before, but this was no hangover. I felt awful for the next two days and vowed to never put another edible into my mouth ever again.

Fast forward many years to a family day trip to the San Manuel Casino. I, a non gambler, was about to spend the day in a loud cigarette-smoke-filled casino. I was not enthusiastic about doing it sober. However, the thought of buying overpriced drinks from one of their three bars all day made me cringe.

My cousin Val saw that I wanted to feel elevated during my visit to the casino and offered me some of the medicated gummy candy she brought. She explained how she had cut the candy into quarters and tested the potency the night before. Val assured me that I would be fine.

Kushy Punch Tropical Punch Hybrid

I was apprehensive, but the thought of using my allotted buffet budget on cocktails turned me off more than my years-old fear of edibles. Plus, how could my own blood steer me wrong? I didn't even ask her the brand, strain, or flavor. I just ate the soft jelly.

About an hour later I was feeling great! The high was smooth and enhanced my visit to the all-you-can-eat Serrano Buffet, which I highly recommend.

I felt excited to know that I could now try edibles and not have a bad experience. I was determined to find those gummies and add them to the growing and evolving ways I am learning to intake cannabis. Luckily, I found Kushy Punch on my first visit to Beverly Flight Club.

Kushy Punch’s Hybrid gummy is chewy, and the sweet Tropical Punch flavor is derived from

aromatic terpenes and essential oils.

The solvent-free extraction methods make for a light THC flavor that don't include nasty chemicals I don't want in my body. I love knowing that the organic, locally sourced ingredients don’t include artificial flavoring or powdered gelatin.  

Non GMO and Dairy, Fat, Peanut Free Kushy Punch Hybrid

I'm becoming a fan of edibles because they are cost effective. Kushy Punch's Hybrid gummy costs $12, which breaks down to only 75¢ per 6.25mg dose. I also love the simplicity of eating to medicate. My joint rolling skills are not expert level yet. Inhaling herb isn't always what I want to do.

The box it comes in indicates a 60 minute activation time, which I have found to be consistent. I love planning ahead and knowing that soon after I pop that gummy in my mouth I will be feeling blissful.

60 Minute Activation Time Kushy Punch Gummy

What I love most about Kushy Punch is that dosing is simple and straight forward. The entire box contains 100 mg THC. Printed on the foil that covers the gummy's container is a clear diagram of the gummy divided into quarters (25 mg). A quarter is divided into half (12.5 mg) and another is divided into quarters (6.25 mg). The math for this edible is pretty simple, and Kushy Punch makes it fool proof. I get a weird satisfaction carefully cutting and dividing each gummy piece.

Kushy Punch Hybrid Dosage Chart

Roughly an hour after I ingest the Hybrid strain of Kushy Punch I am feeling at ease and really great. I’ve had giggle fests with my partner, Milcah Halili. This formula blends my favorite attributes of indica and sativa strains that result in body relaxation and uplifting cerebral effect.

Kushy Punch has helped alleviate my PTSD symptoms and given me the gift of a mind/body balance. This medicine allows me to have the mental space to just connect with my partner on an elevated level. I have enjoyed so many funny times that only happen when you are stoned. These stoned funny times tend to look something like this:

Milcah: “Ugh”. 
April: “Huh?” 
Milcah: “Ugh.” 
April: “Oh.”
April and Milcah laugh uncontrollably.

I have also gotten many genuinely creative ideas while on this Hybrid gummy. The key I am finding is to write that shit down before it escapes my mind and runs with yet another genius idea or fit of laughter. Afterward the high transforms to a deep relaxation where my partner and I find our way to the bed where we cuddle, kiss, consume, and devour each other’s bodies. 

Go to Kushy Punch “Stores” to find a vendor near you.