Canndescent Cruise 201

by Milcah Halili

THC: 22.77%
CBD: 0.06%

Flavor: Earthy, piney sawdust, campfire soot, pungent potpourri.
Effects: Energetic body, calm mind, euphoric mind and body, relaxed.
Perfect for: Destroying your to-do list, chores, and cruising through the city.

The scene:

April and I had just finished 5 hours of blog-related work. All day we had been doing chores and domestic errands such as cleaning, cooking, and picking up food and cleaning products. After a hearty dinner made of all organic veggies and meat, we need to decompress from the day.

We decide we want to garden after a smoke. I adore the crystally trichomes with my eyes before I break the flower apart into my grinder. We light up the pinner joint I rolled of Canndescent's Cruise #201. I allow the flavor to wash over my palette, and I sink into the coolest of vibes.

Canndescent Cruise #201

After we taste the subtle hints of piney sawdust and pungent potpourri, we ease slowly into a mellow body buzz with a cloud-free mind. We garden for the next 2 hours, sweeping our potted garden area, repotting plants, and rearranging their presentation on our front porch. We don't notice the time past. We fly seamlessly from one moment into the next.

Cruise allows us to be in the moment and enjoy it. April says it makes her feel exactly the way Canndescent claims it will make her feel. No false advertisement here. I'm chilling with the soothing sounds of the music playing and the sensation of wet dirt on my fingertips. April says, "I need more Cruise in my life."

Yes, we both do.