Potcast Episode 5 Part 1 Featuring Cage Free Cannabis


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The Potcast Episode 5 Part 1 Featuring Cage Free Cannabis Show Notes:

  • Cage Free Cannabis sells sustainable cannabis accessories and donates its profits to organizations who repair harms caused by the War on Drugs.
  • Milcah asks Adam why a white guy like him wants to help people of color.
  • Adam believes that white men should care more about the harms of the Drug War and general human rights for minorities.
  • April talks about how wasteful plastic packaging is and how its commonly used at dispensaries.

What do you think the cannabis community can do to be more inclusive to people of color? How can they encourage more of-color cannabis entrepreneurs? What can the government do to provide reparations for those most affected by the War on Drugs? Please leave your answers in the comments below.

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