Hella Fat Gratitude: April and Milcah Say Thanks

April Hugging Milcah
April Flores Lounging

I was taught very early on to say "please" and "thank you." As a matter of fact, I consider myself to have good manners. Politeness is among the top qualities I look for in friends, lovers, and people I choose to associate with. 

But going beyond the two words "thank you" . . . Gratitude is a daily practice. When things are going great, it is super easy to look at all the wonderful things around me and be thankful. When I am in the midst of a challenging time, not so much. 

I spent many years in a happy marriage and partnership and gave thanks daily. When my late husband suddenly and unexpectedly passed away, my capacity to give thanks was deeply challenged. The ability to be thankful became buried underneath many layers of sadness, confusion, and anger. I tried to take stock of all the blessings around me and have a more well-rounded perspective. But it was challenging. 

At this time of year, it is normal to look back on the months that have passed and take stock of the blessings that have come our way. I am grateful that my life has presented me with many blessings in the past year. Cannabis has played a part in many of those blessings. 

This year I am first and foremost grateful for my romantic, artistic, and blooming creative expression and exploration with my partner, Milcah. We met through the adult industry and soon found that we had many of the same interests, including our love of this magical plant. We created this blog, and, from it, so much good has come our way.

I am thankful that Milcah and I are entering into and learning a new industry together. I must admit that being in a new field is intimidating, but, with my partner by my side, it isn't too overwhelming. I am grateful to be gaining hands-on experience with the many, many health benefits of cannabis.

What excites me, even more, is that I am now able to share this information my friends, family, and colleagues who can benefit from its healing properties. In these instances, some of these people are just curious about cannabis. In talking with them, we are breaking the stigma sometimes associated with cannabis use.

I am grateful to be building a community of people I have met, through the adult industry, who are all enthusiastic about building a dialogue around how sex and cannabis work so well together.

April Flores


Dear Fat Flower Fam,

My partner, April, and I have received so many blessings since we launched this blog exactly five months ago. I'm going to list them off.

Blessing 1 - Job Opportunities:

I've received three job offers in the cannabis industry since we've launched our blog. Now I'm working my dream jobs as a budtender and receptionist at California Caregivers Alliance (CCA) and a freelance writer at Advanced Nutrients.

Of course, my favorite job is working on the blog and The Potcast with my boo, April. It's nice to have multiple streams of income to secure my cash flow while I work on my art and business. Since they are interconnected, it makes managing the different hustles seamless.

Doing work I love doesn't feel like work. It feels almost like hanging out with an old friend. It's more like a labor of love than a chore. My ultimate goal is to build Fat Flower into a business with April that creates jobs people love too.

Blessing 2 - Cannabis Community:

Fat Flower is more than just a platform for cannabis education and entertainment. It's a community of kindred queers, activists, revolutionaries, and people of ethnicity. I owe my community my life's work and art. We are meant to be more than just survivors. We are meant to thrive and shine.

Blessing 3 - Making Moves with My Soulmate:

Every day that I get to bond through art, entrepreneurship, and creation with April is an amazing day. Before I met April, I used to say that my art was my primary partner. Now April is my primary partner and we are privileged enough to work on Fat Flower together.

In my mind, art and business are entwined. One cannot exist without the other. Building a community and a platform and learning how to monetize that is an art form. The fact that I get to do that with the person I love and cherish blows my mind away.

I used to dream of this kind of opportunity all the time. This is the dream life. This is April and I taking autonomy over how we want to live, work, and play. This is what keeps me up at night and wakes me up in the morning. I feel like I could cry just thinking about it.

Please don't be shy. Feel free to drop your own thanks in the comment section below. We'd love to know what you're thankful for and celebrate with you.

Thank you for reading, y'all. I'm grateful y'all are on this journey with us.

Milcah Halili

Milcah Halili Smoking