What Are Terpenes?

by Milcah Halili

Everyone is raving about terpenes these days. But what exactly are terpenes? And why should you care?

Terpenes are organic chemical compounds that make the amazing flavors and aromas you taste and smell in your food. They are rampant in gardens, and your weed is packed full of them too. In fact, the cannabis plant has more terpenes than any other plant in the world.

One of any stoner's greatest joys is opening up a glass jar and smelling their cannabis before rolling it up. It's definitely a staple in my weed rituals, and something I do before I carefully roll my joint. If I'm delighted by the smell of a particular cannabis strain at my local cannabis collective, then you'll be seeing me lighting up that strain at home.

High-end dispensaries will tell you that your nose is the best indicator for what you should smoke. If you love the smell, then it's most likely that particular strain will be kind to you.

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April & Milcah