Fat Flower
Fat Flower
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We give minorities access to affordable, top shelf, organic cannabis by providing high quality, entertaining, and educational cannabis media.


Hi! I'm April Flores.
I'm a proud fat person, 
Los Angeles native,
and natural redhead.
I am Mexican and Ecuadorian.
I love helping people experience
pleasure in their bodies,
move through grief,
and use cannabis to heal.


Yo, I'm Milcah Halili.
I'm a queer, nonbinary trans,
first generation Pilipino
from the Bay Area, California.
I love rolling joints
and helping the fam elevate
their weed game.
I believe that joy is the
ultimate resistance.

Baby Blunted.jpg

Fat Flower is founded by yours truly, April Flores and Milcah Halili.

We met through the adult entertainment industry. Smoking together and giving each other pleasure became our hangout ritual, and quickly we fell in love.

Everything happened organically. Cannabis helped us cultivate the partnership we have now. It provides relief from our physical ailments and strengthens our mental health.

The cannabis industry is maturing. We want to escape our day jobs, create our own hustle, and help the homies live their dream lives too.


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